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Construction Performance Guidelines

At Frisina Homes, we know that peace of mind is an important part of customer satisfaction. We do our best to make sure that your new home is free of any defects of deficiencies, and to help you be confident that your home meets or exceeds your expectations, we offer this series of construction performance guidelines. With them you can easily read about all the available warranty options for any issues that might arise with your new home. Simply click on any of the headings below to view the various topics in that section.

Floor squeaks

Article Number: 2.6

Condition: Floor squeaks

Acceptable Performance/Condition: Floors shall be free from squeaks caused by movement in the floor system connections under normal loading conditions.

Warranty: One-Year - Work and Materials - Squeaks resulting from normal shrinkage of materials caused by drying after construction are excluded from the statutory warranty.

Action: Loose connections causing floor squeaks shall be repaired.

Remarks: Extended low-humidity indoor environments can cause excessive shrinkage in the wood resulting in loose floor connections. The homeowner must maintain indoor humidity levels to prevent excessive drying of materials. A squeak-free floor may not be attainable.

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