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We can't thank you enough for making our custom dream home a reality. Your expertise and attention to detail is directly reflected in the high quality workmanship of our new home.

Nick and Amelia

Ancaster Ontario

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What constitutes an emergency?

Certain severe conditions constitute an emergency situation. An emergency is defined as any warrantable deficiency within the control of the builder that, if not attended to immediately, would likely result in imminent and substantial damage to the home, or would likely represent an imminent and substantial risk to the health and safety of its occupants. Examples of emergency situations include:

  • Total loss of heat between September 15 and May 15*
  • Gas leak*
  • Total loss of electricity*
  • Total loss of water supply*
  • Total sewage stoppage*
  • Plumbing leakage that requires complete water shut-off
  • Major collapse of any part of the home’s exterior or interior structure
  • Major water penetration on the interior walls or ceiling
  • A large pool of standing water inside the home
  • Any situation where the home is considered uninhabitable for health or safety reasons

*Emergency situations due to the failure of a municipality or utility to provide the service are not within the builder's control.